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We have compiled the most interesting links and information for you here.


Gerd Berthold holds workshops on collotype again and again. He is the last person to have learned collotype printing in its original form and still does it today without compromise. The workshops on analogue photography are also highly recommended. Gerd Berthold runs the

smallest collotype workshop in the world


On the website of Hartmut Voigt, who has intensively dealt with all questions about collotype printing, the technique is described in great detail. He is not only an expert in collotype printing, but you can also find interesting information about lithography and giclée on his site.

Michel Momal from France is not only a collotype printer of the old school, but also the last one in Europe to sell collotype material via his homepage.

On the technical pages you will also find some information about making digital negatives. Many books are available online in the literature section.


Benrido in Japan is the last classical collotype printer. Here and here you can find interesting videos about the practice of collotype at Benrido.


Leipziger Lichtdruckerei

At the Museum der Druckkunst, a team led by Mrs. Kittler prints wonderful collotype prints for artists. The old quick presses were saved from destruction by the original team with a lot of heart and financial effort. The extensive knowledge was also passed on.

Holger Lübbe from Darmstadt, Germany has put very interesting and instructive videos online via A video about the insertion of a high-speed press weighing tons into the pressroom is worth watching. This high-speed press was saved from being scrapped by Holger Lübbe and Wolfgang Blauert, completely refurbished and is now in full operation.


Artur Jonauskas from Russia should also be mentioned. He shows in a video how photographers can create beautiful collotype prints with the simplest means.


A list of all active colleagues, including links, can be found at Hartmut Voigt.

Lichdruck Handpresse um 1885
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